Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Edible Ideas (Hold the Mayo)

Grumpy's Co-owner Sheila Dugan, center, gives sandwich-making tips to practicing culinary students Derek Piechota and Ryan Krause at the high school's culinary arts kitchen. 
There are few more satisfying claims to fame than having a sandwich named after you.

Although, this is something that usually only comes after you are already famous.

But thanks to Grumpy's Hand-Carved Sandwiches, students in Pottstown High School's culinary arts program are being offered the opportunity to jump ahead to the naming part, famous or not.

Oh yeah, they may also win $100.

It's all part of a contest called "Chopped," which is being sponsored by the popular High Street sandwich shop to give the students a real life experience in business, a focus of Pottstown School District programs.
Dugan visits with advises Matt Taylor in the culinary arts kitchen.

The idea is that they will design and prepare their own brand new sandwich and the entries will be judged.

(Shameless Plug Alert!: Mercury Staffer Cheryl Thornburg, who writes The Mercury's Curtain Call theater review blog, is among the judges.)

The winners, who will work in teams, get $100 and the opportunity to name their sandwich and see it put onto the Grumpy's menu.

According to Grumpy's co-owner and PDIDA Director Sheila Dugan, students will be given one hour from start to finish, not including clean-up, to create their edible masterwork.

Grumpy will supply three ingredients in which the student MUST use 

The students will be given a choice of 3 breads from which to choose, hopefully choosing the one that will best suit their idea for their sandwich. 

Grumpy and the judges will be in the kitchen observing the cooks and being certain that all sanitation and such is followed.

Students Robbie McCoy and Matt Taylor hard at work.
The students will be judged on the following:

* Sanitation Safety

* Procedure (NO DEEP FRYING)

* Teamwork

* Cost (Grumpy will provide the starting cost of the ingredients -- sandwiches sell for $6.60 in the store -- and the students must keep the cost of their sandwich ingredients within the range of this cost in order to make it to the menu at the restaurant.

* Creativity / Style

* Presentation All students will be required to create a side dish to compliment their sandwich.

In addition to the $100 prize, and having their sandwich become part of the Grumpy's menu, winners will also receive a basket of culinary goods including tools of the trade and books donated by Sue Repko, author of the Positively Pottstown blog.

The competition takes place Monday at the Pottstown High School culinary kitchens and the results will "unveiled" at Grumpy's during a presentation not yet scheduled.

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