Friday, January 4, 2013

The Winter Garden

The holidays are past, the ground is frozen and spring now looks a long way away.

If you're one of those who longs to dig your fingers into moist earth, turn the soil and plant for the fall harvest, then stop by the Mosiac Community Garden at 423 Chestnut St. on Saturday at noon.

That's when the folks there will hold a celebration of the winter garden with an installation of a pergola, designed and built by Pottstown craftsman Ryan Proscal.

The pergola, a kind of trellis, will support the wisteria vine that has been planted beside the walkway to the garden beds there.

"We’re excited to feature Ryan’s creative talent and skills in the community gardens and we’re honored to call him 'neighbor,'" the garden's organizers wrote in their Dec. 21 post about the upcoming event.

Here is a link to Ryan’s website:

The ceremonial celebration of the winter gardens, led by Jodi McCarty and Lorraine Kat Morris of the
Enlightened Path Holistic Center, 1494 N. Charlotte St. Ste#11.

This is their web site:
The ceremony will include warm spiced cider and hot chocolate on tap.

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