Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Different Kind of 'Cheer' for the Holidays

Pottstown High School Cheerleaders at the 'Pink-Out" game.

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The Pottstown School District’s cheerleading squads at the high school and 
middle school are counted on to create enthusiasm and spirit for the sports teams but they have proven that there is much more to them than cheers and pom-poms.

The high school cheerleaders visit Lincoln Elementary
"Fall Night" celebration.
Under the direction of coaches Christina Weiss and Tracy Oister, the girls have developed a tradition of community service. During the first few months of school, both squads participated in a “Pink Out” game during Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Their efforts raised over $550.00 which was donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Their fundraising efforts also included a “Red Out” game to support the American Heart Association. Wearing their “Red Out” tee-shirts at a high school football game the girls collected over $450.00 which was donated to the American Heart Association.

Coach Weiss expressed her pride in the girls’ activities, “Our squad recognizes how fortunate they are and understand the importance of giving back to our community and those who are in need. I am extremely proud of the self-motivation and drive that these young ladies exhibit.”

The high school cheerleaders visit the Pottstown Pet Fair.
In addition to fundraising activities, both squads have volunteered their services at community events. The annual Pottstown Pet Fair saw squad members work throughout the day helping vendors prepare their stands and ensuring orderly parking. All day long, the cheerleaders checked on the various animals at the stands and provided them with water and food.

At the Lincoln Elementary School Fall Family Night, the cheerleaders turned in their uniforms for Halloween costumes and volunteered throughout the night taking part in various activities that helped to make an enjoyable evening for elementary students. They led a children’s march throughout the gym and cheered on the youngsters during activities and face painting.

Both squads at the "Red Out" game.
Middle school coach Tracy Oister said, “Being able to partner the middle school and high school cheerleaders together has helped build a strong bond that will lead to better school atmosphere and solid community citizens.”

During the winter months, the cheerleaders have partnered with the Pottstown Cluster Outreach Center to conduct a winter clothes and coat drive for those in need.

High school cheerleader Joann Auman expressed her feelings about the community service, “I feel excited to do these events. I had a great time raising money with our coin drives and tee-shirt sales. Helping to paint faces at the Halloween event was a blast. Seeing everyone come together at the Pet Fair made me feel like a part of our community. The community service that the cheerleaders are doing is fun and I have enjoyed every minute helping to make our community a better place to live.”

Members of squads include:

High School Squad:

Joann Auman, Alyssa Wanish, Sierra Lee, Aaliyah Ford, Jessica Yednock, Alexis Irizarry, Katrina Braunsberg, Jasmin Gonzalez, Hannah Irvin, Davajia Williams, Brianna Torres, Tatum Burmester, Troi Daniels, Ashli Sinclair

Middle School Squad:

Kyli McKee, Alexandra Hickey, Lauren Yednock, Gianna Epps, Tamera Bennett, Tiana Bennett, Andraya Guy, Tyra Robinson, Ceola Smith, Emily Jerdon, Sara Dudley, Rasheeda Williams, Rashell Williams, Aniya Jackson Thorpe, Djali Irizarry, Jazmin Brooks

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