Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Having an I'MPACT at Lincoln

Second grader Omar Aloui and his mom got a visit  from the
Lincoln I'MPACT Team
Blogger's Note: If some of you think that perhaps Pottstown Schools information guru John Armato is emptying his in-box in preparation for the holiday, I think the swamped staff at The Digital Notebook might have to agree with you...

The Lincoln Elementary School I'MPACT Team recognizes students’ outstanding efforts and good citizenship by making home visits to students.

(I'MPACT stands for I'm Pottstown Action Team)

Teachers, along with Principal Mrs. Treena Ferguson, made personal home visits to students who were recognized as the first marking period I’MPACT award winners. 

Teachers greeted students with noisemakers and celebration. 
From left, Jayniana Williams, Seth Jones,
Kaile Butterfield and Ariana Careme

Students received a certificate with a statement from their teacher why they earned this special award. 

Students received balloons, a certificate, and a bubblegum machine filled with M&M's. 

Attached to the bubble gum machine was as card that said they were a Magnificent and Marvelous student. 

Award winners for the first marking period included:
From left, teachers Deb Mann, Heather Kurtz,
Kayla Sabata, and Jen Groff
visit  Pre-k student Carter Worner
  • Carter Worner 
  • Kyra Gustaveson 
  • JoVanna Mack 
  • Brice Gatewood 
  • Austin Sundstrom 
  • Ariana Careme 
  • William Levey 
  • Alice Pan
  • Omar Alaoui 
  • Isabella Floyd 
  • Jayniana Williams 
  • Samantha Levey 
  • Seth Jones 
  • Alyssa Rulli 
  • Kaile Butterfield
Teachers taking part in the home visits included: Deb Mann, Jennifer Groff, Leslie Swartz, Kayla Sabata, Heather Kurtz, Josh Wagner, Kristin Lafferty, Kacie Grimm, Robin Anderson, and Jill Bolonski.

Lincoln Principal Treena Ferguson explained about the visits: “We wanted to recognize positive achievement by our students both academically and as a role model to others. The students were excited to receive the surprise visits and parents were proud of their child's success at school."

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