Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

PA may be a swing state again, just in time for the election.
True to its fickle nature, Pennsylvania has prove once again that you can't afford to ignore it.

Why do I say this, because the ever-changing state of the presidential race now has us back in the swing state category -- at least according to the Washington Post.

Thursday, the paper reported that former Massachusetts governor and Republican nominee Mitt Romney now sees light between the voters and the state's electoral votes.

In addition to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota are also viewed by the Romney camp as being within reach.

How do we know this? Why money of course. That's all that matters in politics any more.

Following on the heels of buys by the Super-PACS that are supporting (but not coordinating) with his campaign, Romney's campaign is now spending its own money as well for ad buys in both Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

"In response, Obama’s campaign has thrown ads on television in all three states but advisers said the decision was made out of prudence, not concern," according to the Post.

"Unlike in past presidential campaigns, both sides are flush with cash and have extra funds to play with down the stretch," the paper reported.

So what does that mean for you and I?

Campaign ads. Endless, nauseating, negative campaign ads.

It was just two months ago that I bemoaned our loss of status as a swing state. I guess you should be careful what you wish for.

But hey, that's the price we pay for being in a place where our opinions cannot be taken for granted.

So there you have it folks. We may well be among the crucial American voters who decide this election.

Please don't make your decision based on the ads.

Go the candidate's web sites:
-- Barack Obama
-- Mitt Romney

Find out what you can. Check out for some actual information on the whoopers being told by both sides.

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