Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

So, um, this is not my usual kind of post.

But I received this e-mail in my in-box yesterday and it kind of astounded me, so I thought I would share it.

It's from a Washington, D.C. group called the American Life League, which, not surprisingly is an anti-abortion/pro-life group.

To be clear, this is not a post about policy or abortion -- two things on which I have been known to shoot my mouth off .

This is about logic.

Read the contents of the letter and then I'll explain my puzzlement:

Judie Brown, a pro-life activist is,
apparently, slamming the GOP for
abandoning Todd Akin.
Washington, DC – Responding to the controversy concerning Congressman Todd Akin's remarks on the right to life for all human beings from creation to natural death, Judie Brown, president of American Life League, issued the following statement:

It is astounding that the media has created such a circus over the awkward comments of Congressman Todd Akin on the subject of "legitimate rape."

While I am not quite sure what he meant to say, I can guess that he was attempting to define an actual criminal act in contrast to the rape claims sometimes attributed to dating experiences gone wrong, when the female in question changes her mind and decides she never said yes in the first place.

Regardless, that is not the point. Akin's position is that when a child is conceived as the result of a criminal sexual assault on a woman, the baby should not have to pay for the sins of his father by dying a violent death at the hands of an abortionist.

This is really not about Akin at all; it is about the red herring that pro-abortion forces have used for years to define genuine pro-life apologists as zealots, fanatics and unrealistic Pollyannas.

For my money, being squarely out in front in defense of preborn children is precisely the right place to be, whether your name is Akin, Ryan or Obama. This is not about political posturing; it is about truth. Preborn children are always and in every case worthy of our respect, no matter how they were created.

Personally, I am grateful that Akin brought the snakes out of their pit so that we can see clearly who they are and what their game is.Bring it on.
So setting aside the remarks about "when the female in question changes her mind" -- a right "the female in question" is apparently not allowed to exercise once she has said 'yes' -- I guess it was this last line, about snakes coming "out of their pit," that has me shaking my head.

For the rest of this statement, she is forcefully stating her position, which is fine, although I'm not in agreement with it.

But the e-mail came Wednesday.

So as the "largest grassroots Catholic pro-life education organization in the United States," as they define themselves on their web site, I can't believe that they don't know that nearly every Republican who has championed their cause for years has condemned Akin's remarks and they want him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

And she has to know that the Democrats are not in their corner on this issue.

So here's my question: Who is Judie Brown referring to when she says "snake comings out of their pit?"

Presuming she knows the Democratic platform on this subject, I am left to conclude Mrs. Brown (I doubt she is a "Ms.") is likening the Republicans who are shunning Akin, and who are her organization's single best opportunity to enact her pro-life agenda, to Satan.

Given it is a Catholic organization, I don't think I'm out of line in making an assumption that this is a biblical reference to the snake in the Garden of Eden. 

If I'm wrong, sorry, but the point is the same.

I mean it makes no difference to me, once way or the other, but why would you attack in such a public way, those most likely to give you what you want?

I did occur to me that she is that principled, in which case, my hat is off to Mrs. Brown for sticking to her guns in the most absolute fashion.

But it sure seems like an odd way for a lobbyist to behave...

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  1. A Response to Evan Brandt's, "Shooting Yourself in the Foot ?" August 23, 2012- Digital Notebook

    I think of snakes, the "Don't Tread On Me" kind, an image which found both banner and flag leading up to our War Of Independence. The rattle snake, which never attacks without warning but when one attacks it never gives up until death, was a strong depiction of colonial strength and tenacity.

    Judie Brown's use of the image of snakes coming out of their pits seems neither to imply strength nor tenacity to those whom she addresses, but rather implies, they are weak and deceitful not to support the likes of a crude Congressman Todd Akin.

    Brown's demand is that any egg fertilized by a male sperm must be brought to term, period. This, I guess, is God's will. But it's here where lies a conundrum for me. We all have heard of miscarriages and stillbirths happening at random with no discernible cause for life not occurring. My question is : Are they God's will also ?

    The quest for small government rings in every pure conservative's mind, except when it comes to rights of women and their reproductive faculties.  Here male dominated legislatures, state and federal, need to show the World who's king. They act like they're an old bull standing along with a quite young bull at the top of a hill looking down at a meadow of cows. The young bull sings out, "Let's run down and mount one of those cows !" The old bull counters, " Let just walk down and mount them all."

    Rape ! Rape ! The cows would call out in bovine language because ever since the onset of factory farming they have been artificially inseminated to give birth so they freshen for continued milking. The natural act of being mounted by a bull would be a foreign experience to the new generation of cows so its happening could be considered rape in a cow's mind. Of course in Congressman's Akin's world the female form would produce a fluid at the onset of the rape which would stop an eventual birth. 

    Farmers would scoff at Akin's science and Judie Brown would hold those farmers in reticule referring to them as snakes coming out of their pits. But, as the World turns, the cows would birth and freshen, both the young and old bull would be happy, and Todd and Judie would go on about their spiteful business beating a path backwards into the dark ages long forgotten by intelligent people.

    Ronald C. Downie