Saturday, July 14, 2012

Walk This Way

Kishan Patel, Chloe Hebert, Raquel Villegas and Zach Brown , finish up their walk with Amy Sellman
Blogger's Note: John Armato clues us all in on yet another cool thing that happened in Pottstown Schools this past year.

The Edgewood Elementary School’s Walking Club, sponsored by Pam Pascal, Amy Sellman, and Kerry Kline, was created to help promote awareness for developing healthy lifestyle choices.

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade had the opportunity to participate in a twice a week one-mile walk around the school.

A goal was set to walk for 20 minutes on each outing.

Members of the Walking Club rest after their 20-minute walk.
Students received a small plastic foot each time they walked. Completing the entire eight week program was recognized with a large foot attached to a necklace chain.

Students completing all eight weeks of the program included: Kishan Patel, Chloe Hebert, Raquel Villegas, David Wallace, Jacob Traylor, Robbie Fleming, Samuel Villegas, and Zach Bright.

This year the Walking Club enjoyed its third year of promoting healthy lifestyles and was supported by the Edgewood Volunteer Organization.

Club sponsor Kerry Kline noted, “The Walking Club gave students the opportunity to not only develop an appreciation for healthy lifestyles but provided them with insight into a lifelong recreational activity. As some students pointed out to the teachers, ‘knowing that we can walk wherever we want to go means that we will not worry about what the price of gasoline is.’”

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