Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Living Strong to Fight Cancer

Rupert's Bulldog Club raised $500 selling Livestorng wristbands for the recently Relay for Life.

Blogger's Note: Hmmm, a post about a cool thing going on in Pottstown schools...see if you can guess who this came from...

Students from Pottstown High School wearing their blue Trojan shirts partnered with Rupert Elementary School’s Bulldog club members recently to help support the fight against cancer.

The Trojans, along with group sponsor Rebecca Heiser, conducted several fundraising activities throughout the year including the Student Government sponsored Powder Puff football game, selling Reading Phillies ticket books, and their most recent venture “We Are Pottstown” tee-shirts.
Pottstown Trojans raised $1,200 for the Relay for Life

The collective efforts helped to raise over $1,200 which was donated to the Relay For Life. The students also participated in the two-day event camping out overnight and providing fundraising activities.

“Our students are well aware of the devastating affect this disease can have on its victims and their families and they understand that it takes collective effort to help in the fight to cure cancer,” Heiser said.

Max Donnelly, sponsor of the Rupert Bulldog Club, which was founded to help young students develop character, citizenship, and academic achievement, conducted a school fundraising project selling wristbands promoting the “Livestrong Foundation.”

Their efforts helped to raise almost $500.

The Livestrong Foundation unites people through programs and experiences to empower cancer survivors to live life on their own terms and to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

Livestrong focuses on cancer prevention, access to screening and care, research, and quality of life for cancer survivors.

“I am so proud of our young men who understand at a very early age the importance of community unity, commitment, and involvement," Donnelly said. "This is one of their first steps in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.”

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