Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Nice Little Chestnut

This home in the 500 block of Chestnut Street sold for the $125,000 asking price in just eight days on the market. We can do this Pottstown.
We've all heard people talk, endlessly it seems, about the need to attract investment to Pottstown; about the uniqueness of our historic architecture and the need to capitalize on that.

The master bedroom.

Cristian and Amanda DeSeta, owners of LointerHOME, do more than talk about it, they do it.

And the evidence is in the offing.

Their latest project, 542 Chestnut St., sold for the $125,000 asking price in less than eight days.

That's right, $125,000 on the 500 block of Chestnut folks.

It can be done, the customers are out there. The DeSetas keep proving it over and over again. It's all about quality and marketing.

The master bathroom.
In this pitiable real estate market, smart, focused investors can make a difference and attract the kind of families and buyers we want to help re-build Pottstown.

If you've never toured one of their projects, they're two on King Street and one on Farmington Ave. already, you're really missing the best combination of historic craftsmanship and modern convenience.

(Click here to see their web site and click on the "projects" link on the top menu bar to see their other Pottstown success stories.)

These folks understand that the buy who appreciates historic architecture, does not necessarily want historic kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures.

A thoroughly modern kitchen in an historic home.
Cristian and Amanda understand this and, if the rest of the Real Estate community continues to ignore this seemingly obvious niche, they're going to have it all to themselves.

More power to them I say. They put their money where their mouth is.

So here's a victory lap for them and a description of a house some other smart buyer already snapped up. Keep an eye open for their next project! 

(Click here to see more photos other than the ones I shamelessly purloined.)

The dining room.
Here's their sales pitch (apparently, quite effective):

"A New American Craftsman, harkening back to America's turn of the Century architecture, this home features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 3 floors of living space.

"Featuring a deep backyard leading to a two car garage and workspace accessed on Lesher Alley.

"A full deck on the back of the house was added for summer BBQs and parties.

:A jetted tub to the hall bath was added for a little extra luxury.

The back porch.
All systems were upgraded, plumbing was corrected to be a PEX system, the hot water heater was exchanged and the heating system was changed out for a gas-fired energy efficient new model which will ensure the buyer that they are using the newest and most efficient way to heat during the winter.

"The kitchen boasts Frigidaire Gallery appliances, black lacquer oak cabinets and and white river granite tops.

"The home is illuminated by Allen + Roth designer lighting, classic subway tiled bathrooms, and hardwood as well as carpet flooring on the top two floors. Call for an appointment today to make this home...yours."

(Well except for their part. It's already someone else's.)

In an e-mail they sent me, Cristian wrote simply: "We are so excited to see such a fantastic response to our work."

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