Friday, June 15, 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story ... Our Story

The Casselberry Home, by Peter Ehlinger,  was the home of Pottstown's first library.
I confess to being not only a history buff, but a local history buff.

It is constantly remarkable to me how much history lives all around us, how it is connected to the great events about which we learn in school, and thus as a reminder that the events of the day will become the same -- local history that connects us to the great events of our day.

Celebrating that local history is the Gallery on High, which is now offering the third of its Signature Series of art depicting important people, places and events in Pottstown history.

The Pottstown Signature Series is a series of collectible, high-end lithographs that will be released annually. Each edition will focus on a significant aspect of Pottstown’s rich history. The Signature Series is sponsored by the Greater Pottstown Foundation. The first edition in the series, titled Look for the Rope Edge, is centered on Mrs. Smith’s Pies. Drawn by local artist and Gallery Member Artist Steve Kent, this inaugural image is limited to a run of 100 prints.

The Gallery School of Pottstown's second edition of the Pottstown Signature Series honors the Pottstown Firebirds football team.
The second series, by Mary Ellen Christ, celebrates the Pottstown
football team.

Relive that time in our town's history when the Firebirds were all the buzz, and everyone was a fan.

Created by Gallery Member Artist Mary Ellen Christ, this tribute is titled Hometown Champions and is available in a limited edition of signed and numbered lithographs.

The third edition is now available for order. This latest Signature Series features the Casselberry home, which was Pottstown's first library. This watercolor was created by Gallery School Member Artist Peter Ehlinger.

You can learn more about the Signature Series by clicking here.
Each Signature Series is $60, and can be purchased online at the Gallery's website, or in person at 254 E. High St. Questions? For details, call 610-326-2506 or email them.

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  1. A Comfortable Host 

    Horizons meld hills for eyes to climb,
    Far distance blurs their sharp images,
    Also, does the real passage of time.
    Nineteen twenty one (1921), vestiges

    Long gone : trolleys and their rust weary rails,
    Rutted cobblestones, worn down brick,
    Etchings of wagon wheels mark their trails.
    Four score years grows memories thick.

    The Century Club chose Potts's High Street
    Casselberry House for it's beginning.
    Forty years there, double it, repeat,
    Forty years while still remembering :

    The smell of linseed from shoe hardened old wood
    That squeaked and groaned with each foot step.
    Dappled light peeking in where tall windows stood.
    "Shhh ! Be quiet, please !" Rules strictly kept.

    When words emerge from their book covers :
    Distance alters and time accepts change,
    Dreams seek children, their fathers and mothers,
    Stories flow rivers, climb mountains, ride range.

    Facts flow from open pages into the mind
    And swells clear, deep streams of knowledge.
    Wonder grows wisdom we all may find,
    Cause reading hones that sharpened edge.

    Libraries draw far off horizons close,
    Time finds them a comfortable host.

       Ronald C . Downie

    Written for the occasion and read to the assembled commemorating  the eightieth anniversary of the founding of The Pottstown Public Library .(2001)