Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Green Power at Franklin

Franklin Elementary Students prepare their solar race cars for a test run.
Blogger's Note: Another timely submission by John Armato, Information Czar of Pottstown School District.

The Franklin Elementary School playground was the site of a recent workshop in alternative energy.

Students had the opportunity to race solar sprint cars which they built in their classrooms.

Joe Bruno, the coordinator of the Solar Sprint Association, explained to students the valuable place that solar energy plays and will play in the future of our country.

Students took several weeks prior to the workshop to design and build their solar-run sprint cars.

Needless to say, there was a great deal of excitement in watching the various cars compete against one another.

Also on hand for the day was Mike Sheridan, owner of Rockwell’s Restaurant.

Mike brought with him his diesel fueled Mercedes Benz which he refitted to be fueled by vegetable oil.

Mike explained his passion for protecting the environment and for finding alternative fuel sources. He pointed out that he found that using the vegetable oil from the fryers at his restaurant could be filtered to help fuel his car.

This not only cut down on the expenses of running the car but provided a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to recycle the vegetable oil.

Jennifer Swenk, Franklin kindergarten teacher, helped to organize the day’s activities.

“I am happy that our students are learning about the value of alternative fuel sources and using their creativity and imagination to design the cars that were used today," she said. "This has truly been a learning experience for our students and staff.”

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