Thursday, June 21, 2012

$10,000 Art Scholarship Awarded

A compilation of the work from all 8 scholarship candidates.

Blogger's Note: The following is a press release issued by The Gallery School of Pottstown.

The Greater Pottstown Foundation along with the Gallery School of Pottstown awarded a $10,000 scholarship in a ceremony held at the school. 

Scholarship winner Raelyn Hedgepeth, center, with
Greater Pottstown Foundation representative Paul Prince, left,
and Eva Yashinsky, Pottstown High School art teacher.

Eight local high school seniors competed to win the scholarship, which is designed to financially assist a qualified applicant in pursuing their further education in the arts. 

The scholarship candidates were:  Georgia Brum, Donna Chu, Trevon Clifford, Raelyn Hedgepeth, Meghan Luna, Lauren Niedelman, Sarah Walsh, Colleen Young. 

Pottstown senior Raelyn Hedgepeth won the close contest and will receive the $10,000 scholarship. 

Trevon Clifford, also a Pottstown senior, was the runner up.

Paul Prince, from the Greater Pottstown Foundation, and Cathy Paretti, from the Gallery School, presented the award.

Yashinksy with runner-up Trevon Clifford and his work.
The scholarship was based on two criteria: A artistic performance as displayed at the Greater Pottstown Foundation Scholarship Show at the Gallery School of Pottstown, and an essay on why the applicant wanted to continue their education in the arts. 

The applicant's intended field of study had to include a major in an arts related field.

In addition to submitting a completed application form and essay, each student was required to participate in the art exhibit at the Gallery School of Pottstown. 

Hedgepeth's work
Students created pieces of art from three of four categories:
  • watercolor or pastel; 
  • pencil, charcoal or ink; 
  • oil or acrylic; 
  • sculpture, which included pottery, stone, glass, metal, fiber or wood.
The Gallery School of Pottstown is a 501c3 non-profit community art school and gallery. The School offers day, evening and weekend classes to all ages. 

The goal of these classes is to help students develop their creative skills through self-expression and independence. 

The Gallery on High hosts rotating shows featuring local artists. 

The Gallery also sells handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gift items.   

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