Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Much is a Purple Mohawk Worth?

Can't you just see Mr. Moyer with a nice purple Mohawk?
This is directed specifically toward the students of Rupert Elementary School and their families:

Hey kids, (and parents), wouldn't it be great to see your principal, Mr. Moyer, get his head shaved into a Mohawk and get it colored purple?

In front of the whole school?

Well I was about to tell you you could make it happen, and urge you on, until I just learned you already did it.

By bringing your spare change to school and donating it to the Pottstown Relay for Life, the world's fourth largest event of its type, you have obligated Mr. Moyer to make good on a pledge he made to you and make ever-so-slight a change in his appearance.

He said if you raised $500 by Friday with a coin collection, he would get his head shaved into a Mohawk and dyed purple, which is the national color for the Relay for Life.

(You may have noticed a lot of purple banners and things around town this month. That's why.)

Apparently, you did not need me to encourage you. I found out Monday that you have already raised $555.

And yes, there's something in it for you too. The classroom that collects the most money will receive a class party. So keep bringing in those coins.

Here are the classes to beat:

In the lead as of Monday was Mrs. Fazekas' third grade class with $100.98 raised.

In second place is Mrs. Wagner's first grade class, with $89.11 and, rounding out the field, is Miss Nosaka's first grade class with $78.64.

Provided as a public service to
help you envision Mr. Moyer's
new look come Friday.
But really, is there any reward more satisfying than seeing Mr. Moyer get his purple Mohawk kids?

Why not print out this blog entry? You can cut out the handy purple Mohawk I've provided and you can paste it on this picture of Mr. Moyer and hang it up around school to remind him what a good sport he is and how dashing he will look with his new hairdo.

Sure, that's its own reward, but there is a larger reward; you raised money for an organization that is trying to find a cure for cancer.

That cure could save your life some day, or the life of someone you love.

Even if you have already lost someone you love (and given what a tough disease cancer is, chances are you have) help make sure it doesn't take anyone else.

Besides, Mr. Moyer with a purple Mohawk?

What could be better than that?

Maybe he'll make the new look permanent...

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