Monday, November 14, 2011

Pottstown Schools Shoo Away the Flu

Blogger's Note: This morning we're posting a guest entry from John Armato, the director of community relations for the Pottstown School District and official FOB (Friend of this Blog).
Edgewood's Jonathan Martin
POTTSTOWN -- Students and staff at the Pottstown School District’s middle and elementary schools are trying to beat the flu this winter.   
All students and staff had the opportunity to take part in a flu vaccine clinic sponsored by the Montgomery County Health Department.   
The school district program, under the direction of District Head Nurse Anne Frederick, provided for all middle school and elementary students and staff who chose to take part in the program.
Diamonte Williams, also of Edgewood, was very brave about it
The vaccine was available in both shot and nose mist form for younger students.   
Nurse Frederick explained, “We are hoping that by being proactive and providing the opportunity for our students and staff to be vaccinated early in the flu season will help them maintain their good health and be able to attend school and continue their academic performance."
For more information about the people, programs and facilities at the Pottstown School District, visit the web site at, or just click here.

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