Saturday, December 11, 2021

New Event Sunday at Pottsgrove Manor: Frost Fair

Blogger's Note:
The following was provided by Pottsgrove Manor.

Explore the history of the holidays at Pottsgrove Manor on Sunday, Dece. 12 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The 18th Century Holiday Frost Fair is a new program that invites the public to immerse themselves in an 18th century style market fair, complete with vendors, demonstrations, and games. Visitors can also explore handmade goods and seasonal crafts from local artisans at the holiday market. This event has a suggested $2 donation per person.

Gather the whole family and dress for the weather to start a new holiday tradition at Pottsgrove Manor’s Frost Fair. 

Learn about gingerbread recipes from the past and see how it was baked at the Bake Oven. Follow the sound of laughter and music to engage with Tucker’s Tales Puppet Theater, and play a fair game to win a prize at one of the three game booths. 

Explore what merchants in the 18th century sold, such as historic art made by At the Sign of the Black Bear alongside woodworking and weaving at Stone House History. Stop over at the hot chocolate tent for a sample of this historic drink, then laugh and make new friends at the tavern. 

Discover the history of Twelfth Night celebrations from the 1750s as the first floor of Pottsgrove Manor will be open for self-guided tours. Hearth cooking in the reproduction kitchen will highlight some of the favorite seasonal treats that you may want to include at your holiday table.

After dark, the interior of the house will be lit by candles.

Find a unique gift for everyone on your list from local artisans, set up in the holiday market. From ornaments to jewelry, pottery, and much more, there is something special at every stall. Hot food and sweet treats complete the day, but the memories of Frost Fair will last all season long.

Frost Fair is an outdoor, weather dependent event. Free parking and complimentary shuttle service will be available at Memorial Park. Follow signs for parking. 

Pottsgrove Manor is following all updated CDC guidelines for the mitigation of COVID-19 at the facility including appropriate mask wearing, social distancing, and capacity limits. All visitors must follow these guidelines.


Pottsgrove Manor exemplifies the restrained elegance of early Georgian architecture popular with wealthy English gentry during the mid-18th-century. Built in 1752 for John Potts, ironmaster and founder of Pottstown, the mansion was situated on a nearly 1,000 acre plantation, which by 1762 included the town of “Pottsgrove.”

As a successful ironmaster and merchant, John Potts, was appointed Justice of the Peace and Judge on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. He was elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly from both Berks and Philadelphia Counties.

Although only four acres of original property remain today, Pottsgrove Manor has lost none of its original charm and architectural beauty. The sandstone exterior, elegant interior and fine furnishings reflect the eminence that the Potts family had attained before selling the property in 1783. The mansion has been restored to recreate the lifestyle and times of the Potts family. Pottsgrove Manor is open year-round for guided tours, as well as public programs, school tours, lectures, and workshops. A museum shop on site offers a wide selection of 18th century reproduction items, books, toys, and more.

Pottsgrove Manor is following all state and local guidelines for the mitigation of COVID-19 at the facility. Masks are required for all visitors indoors and recommended for unvaccinated individuals outdoors.

Pottsgrove Manor is located at 100 West King Str. in Pottstown. 

Pottsgrove Manor is operated by the Montgomery County Division of Parks, Trails, and Historic Sites. For more information, please call (610) 326-4014 or visit Members of the public can also like Pottsgrove Manor on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for updates.


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