Sunday, August 1, 2021

North Coventry, Phoenixville Lauded by Chesco DA

Chester County DA Deb Ryan, center, with firefighters, police and the Rev. Josh Park during a ceremony for their commendation for service to the victims of the Ashwood Apartments Fire on July 30, 2020.

Blogger's Note:
The following was submitted by the Chester County District Attorney's office.

Prosecutor of the Year Erin O'Brien with her family.
The Chester County District Attorney’s Office held its annual Awards Ceremony to recognize and honor law enforcement, first responders, and community leaders for their extraordinary efforts to make Chester County a better and safer place.

Two local Chester County municipalities were issued commendations for their work.

NORCO Fire Company, Office of the Fire Marshal, North Coventry Police Department, and Pastor Josh Park were recognized for their heroic and courageous service to the citizens of Chester County on July 30, 2020, at the Ashwood Apartments fire in North Coventry Township

The Phoenixville Borough Police Department for their exemplary efforts and teamwork in providing justice to the family of a murdered teenager.

Also issued commendations on a county-wide basis were:
Chester County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
State Police Cpl. Stefano Gallina.
  • Chester County Department of Emergency Services for its outstanding and continuous efforts in supporting law enforcement and first responders during the global Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Edward McFadden for his outstanding dedication, commitment, and service as the Warden of Chester County Prison for 15 years.
  • Chris Saello of the United Way and DeVon Jackson for their extraordinary efforts in improving relationships between law enforcement and communities in Chester County.
Also recognized on a county-wide basis were:
  • Chester County Detective of the Year
    Gary Lynch and his family.
    Prosecutor of the Year – Deputy District Attorney Erin O’Brien
  • Detective of the Year – Chester County Detective Gary Lynch
  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year – Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Stefano Gallina
  • Administrative Professional of the Year – Office Manager Cheryl Greener
“In our respective roles, it is the duty of each of us to serve and protect our communities. For most of us, this is a calling. We understand the critical importance of helping those in need, regardless of threat, danger, or obstacle, because it is our job to make this world a better place," said Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan.

“Many of the award recipients repeatedly demonstrated heroic efforts by saving children from horrific abuse, tracking down and capturing killers, removing poison and deadly weapons from our streets, or going into burning buildings to save the lives of hundreds of people," she said.

“Some were part of the crucial effort to keep all of us safe from a deadly pandemic because, as essential workers, we never stopped our service to the community, said Ryan. 

“Others fought the good fight for justice in the courtroom while helping victims navigate an often complicated and traumatizing process. And some sought out ways to improve law enforcement’s relationships with communities of color and affect positive change to criminal justice reform in response to national tragedies," she said.

“Even though our professions are highly scrutinized and sometimes vilified, I am reminded every day that what we do matters," Ryan said. "Each award recipient consistently contributes to making this county a better place, facing down danger, working long hours, and selflessly serving those
around them despite all the challenges.”

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