Sunday, May 2, 2021

Pottstown Board Members Boost Fair Funding Fight

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From right, Pottstown School Board member Laura Johnson, Board Vice President Katina Bearden, Media Specialist Emily Overdorf and her mother and Lincoln Elementary School secretary Pamela Overdorf at a recent rally in Harrisburg.

Blogger's Note:
The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Bearden addresses the rally.
Pottstown School Board Vice President Bearden wants to make sure legislators in Harrisburg hear the call for fair funding of all public schools in Pennsylvania.

That's why she joined a group of advocates on the steps of the state capitol Saturday morning to share the stories of students, teachers and community members who live in underfunded school districts. 

Bearden was joined by Laura Johnson, Pottstown school board member and leader of the advocacy group, Pennsylvanians for Fair Funding. 

Beareden spoke of the few advanced class offerings and the loss of educational opportunities, losing quality educators to higher paying school districts and the tax burden placed on the community -- all due to Pennsylvania's unfair funding of public education. 

Pottstown school district is one of the leaders in the fight for fair funding and is committed to succeeding in efforts to bring equity to all students and communities.

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