Friday, May 21, 2021

Giant Donates $25K to Help Feed School Children

Pictured from left are Giant Store Manager, Jon Smith, Pottsgrove Asst. Business Manager, Ron Linke, Giant Asst. Store Manager, Theresa Manieri, and Pottsgrove 2011 graduate, Rachel Sell, Employment Associate.

Giant Food Stores are making their impact felt on area schools this week.

On Wednesday, nearly 400 individuals were vaccinated at a clinic held at Pottsgrove High School and manned by the pharmacy staff from Giant.

On Thursday, Giant's Feeding School Kids program donated $9,218 to the Pottsgrove School district.

the money comes from the store's "round-up" program where shoppers choose to "round up" their bill and the change goes into a fund to help food programs for children at both the Pottsgrove and Pottstown school districts.

The same day, Giant staff stopped by Pottstown High School where they donated $15,720 to that district's summer school lunch program.

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