Friday, August 7, 2020

West Pottsgrove Student Named Phillies All-Star

Kara Freeman
So I could not go the distance with last night's interviews with the five candidates for the Pottsgrove School Board. It's been a long week and it took an hour to get through just one. Not even sure they planned on voting last night.

So, in fairness to Pottsgrove, here is another uplifting story to help lift the spirits of some of those in the community who are unahppy.

West Pottsgrove Elementary second grader Kara Freeman was nominated and selected as one of this year’s 10 Phillies All-Stars. 

Unfortunately, with the season being “fan free” this year, they will not get to attend a home game and be recognized. 

Below is the essay from Kara’s teacher (Kristen Rambo) submitted on Kara's behalf to the Phillies:

As an educator who has been teaching for over 21 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing students. Each of them stands out for different reasons, and I remember each of them for their unique qualities. 

One student that I have in my classroom this year is exceptionally worthy of being
recognized for her own special qualities. For this reason, I would like to nominate Miss Kara Freeman as one of the Phillies “All-Star Students.”

Kara Freeman is one of the students in my spectacular second grade classroom. She excels academically in all content areas, and quickly grasps the skills and concepts that I teach. She loves to be challenged, and never wavers on the effort she applies, just because something comes easily to her. 

But her strong academic background is not why I am nominating her. It’s just another piece of Kara’s character. I am nominating Kara because she is the epitome of kindness and empathy. Every day, Kara walks into school with a smile, and she shares that smile with everyone she passes in the hallway or sees in the classroom. She quickly sees when others need assistance, and she is right there offering a helping hand, without any expectations. 

No one has to ask her to help, and she doesn’t do it because someone is watching or because she expects anything in return. She helps because she has a heart that truly cares for others.

During the first few weeks of school, Kara committed to helping a kindergarten teacher as a line helper. This was to ensure that our new students made it safely to their bus dismissal. We are now six months into the year, and Kara not only continues in this role, but has also expanded it to take on even more responsibilities. 

She loves showing the students how to be responsible by packing up their belongings and organizing their personal classroom space. She helps tie shoes, zip up jackets, models expectations, and shares kindness with our little learners.

Kara’s quiet leadership has also allowed her to be recognized as one of our “Students of the Trimester” for outstanding academics and citizenship. She has also been recognized at our “Character Counts” school assemblies for modeling responsibility and honesty/integrity. Kara is an enthusiastic learner, a supportive classmate, and an encourager to others. 

Although she is only in second grade, Kara treats others with a mature and kind heart well beyond what you would expect to see from an 8-year old. It is for these reasons, and more, that I feel Kara models a Phillies “All-Star Student.”

Kara's mother, Cherie Freeman, said she and her husband Eric are “very proud and it’s nice to have someone else recognize what we already think about Kara, that is very special.” This has been a “huge boost of confidence to Kara.”

Kara herself, said simply she was "excited and proud and likes to help other people.”

Congratulations Kara.


  1. Congratulations Kara! Well deserved. Keep up the good work and the constant smiles :)

  2. Congratulations to Kara for being such a kind and caring young lady! Well deserved!