Saturday, March 30, 2019

YWCA: Pottstown's Teaching Women are Exceptional

Photos Courtesy of the Pottstown School District
Pottstown School District had many educators recognized at the YWCA Tri-County Area's Tribute to Exceptional Women.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Congratulations to Na'imah Rhodes, Laurie Kolka, Kim Petro, Jamie Fazekas, Denise Schleicher and Beth Berkhimer,who where honored at the YWCA Tribute to Exceptional Women Dinner.

Na'imah Rhodes is congratulated by her family.
Rhodes is the Early Childhood Education teacher at the high school. She has made it her daily affirmation to motivate, teach, and cultivate strong values in her student's lives each and every day. Self-love, respect, and acceptance of others is the theme of her classroom. 

Taking much pride in what she calls "teaching outside the box", in such a way that she makes herself relatable to her students. 

Her style of teaching has generated much needed conversations in and out of the around topics of injustice, racism, and equality. Rhodes was recognized with the Coretta Scott King Award.

Laurie Kolka
As a female leader who is school and community driven, Laurie Kolka brings a cheerful, can−do attitude to the schools. Laurie is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Professional Development at Pottstown School District

Her leadership has been transformational, including leading initiatives and driving funding sources to provide the students, staff, and families with new opportunities, experiences, and resources.

She work tirelessly to raise involvement through her work on community groups such as Pottstown Trauma Informed Community Connection (PTICC), Family Advisory Committee (FAC) and Peak Pre-K Counts

 Kolka was honored with the YWCA Shooting Star Award. 

Kim Petro, left, and Beth Burkhimer
As an educator at Pottstown Middle School, Kim Petro works to be kind and patient with all her students. Petro creates an environment that builds her students up and allows them to learn and grow at their own pace. 

Petro is very aware of all of the different types of learners that she has in her classroom each period, and because of this she accommodates and modifies her assignments and grading system to suit their every need.

She  received the YWCA Shooting Star Award.

Beth Burkhimer has long been an advocate for the students at Pottstown Middle School.

She works closely day in and day out with the most challenging students as the Dean of Students at PMS.

As a positive presence at PMS, Beth inspires students to work hard and believe in themselves every day.

Beth is a true servant to our children and a valuable member of our community.
Jamie Fazekas is congratulated by Rupert Principal Matt Moyer.

As a staff member at Rupert Elementary School Jamie Fazekas is an inspirational teacher to her students.

Fazekas’ passion for her students is incredible, and she is one of the many educators in the Pottstown School District impacting students’ lives every day.

Fazekas empowers her students by giving them a voice and ensuring that the students are in a safe place throughout the entire school day.

She was honored with the YWCA Education Award. 

Denise Schleicher, second from left, is congratulated. 
Denise Schleicher has dedicated over 15 years of educational service to the Pottstown School District as a 4th grade teacher.

As you enter Schleicher's classroom you will see students participating in Literature Circles, STEAM projects, Kahoot sessions, and building roller coasters.

Schleicher extended her career by writing a book called, ‘The Ugly Christmas Tree.’

The book implements lessons on empathy, promoting messages of kindness, beauty comes from within, and the importance of dreaming big. 

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