Saturday, October 20, 2018

Shapiro Given Cluster Community Award at Gala

Blogger;'s Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities.

The Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities (PCRC) awarded Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro its first-ever “Cluster Community Award” on Thursday, Oct. 4, at The SunnyBrook Ballroom during its annual fundraising event branded this year as “You Gotta Have Heart.”

Barbara Wilhelmy, right, executive director of the Pottstown
Cluster of Religious Communities with Anthony Luker,
Education and Outreach Specialist with
the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office
The award honors those in the community and wider community who have furthered PCRC’s mission and made an impact through his or her involvement with PCRC directly or indirectly. Mr. Shapiro’s commitment to Montgomery County, including his strong support of Your Way Home Montgomery County, has made a significant contribution to PCRC’s ability to improve the lives of those it is serving in the County, working in a coordinated approach to reduce homelessness. 

As a result of this five-year partnership with Your Way Home Montgomery County, PCRC has been able to increase its footprint in the county offering greater resources.

Along with PCRC Executive Director Barbara Wilhelmy, Mr. Shapiro was honored as a recipient of a Champion of Change award, at the “Your Way Home Summit” in 2014.

The Attorney General sent a video message, as he was unable to attend the event, with personal remarks about the award and PCRC, mentioning how he “was always happy to have any opportunity to support PCRC,” and how PCRC “brings together people of all faiths, and from a wide variety of service organizations to give a helping hand to those in need.”
Anthony Luker addresses the Cluster Gala.

Anthony Luker, the Attorney General office’s Education and Outreach Specialist, accepted the award on Mr. Shapiro’s behalf. Mr. Luker offered kind, supportive remarks, thanking PCRC for the work it continues to do in the community addressing food security, housing stability, and supportive and educational resources.

“PCRC was delighted and honored the Attorney General accepted its first ever Cluster Community Award because PCRC, like Mr. Shapiro, is working hard to protect everyday Pennsylvanians,” said Wilhelmy. 

And as Mr. Shapiro stated at the end of his video remarks: “[PCRC’s] work has had an incredible impact on the lives of so many people who are left behind by the rest of society.”

Through interfaith cooperation, the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities provides tangible services, support, and spiritual guidance to address the basic needs of persons within and beyond the Greater Pottstown area, coordinating programs and referrals to help clients improve their overall stability. 

Current programs and services provide food security, household assistance, supportive services and referrals, case management and housing stability, and an opportunity for individuals living in poverty to participate in an education and support program.

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