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PHS Alumni Honor Roll Profile: Heather M. Thiret

Major Heather M. Thiret
Blogger's Note: On Friday Oct.19, 2018, the Pottstown School District Alumni Honor Roll Committee will induct four alumni in to the District’s Alumni Honor Roll at the 33rd annual event. In preparation, The Digital Notebook will present profiles of all four inductees as provided and prepared by the Foundation for Pottstown Education.

Today we present Heather Thiret, representing the Class of 1991.

Representing the Pottstown High School Class of 1991 is Heather M. Thiret. 

Heather earned her Bachelor of Science degree from West Chester University and holds a PA Teaching Certificate. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Leadership through Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. 

She entered the service in 1992 and has spent 25 years, 10 as enlisted and 15 as an officer. Heather holds a ranking of Major in the US Army and has received several honors including a Bronze Star Medal. 

She has also served as a TAC Officer/Instructor at the OCS Officer Candidate School Academy from 2010-2013. She is currently the Officer In Charge of Military Ascensions Vital to National Interest Program in Fort Belvoir, VA. Heather has been active in the Veterans Outreach Program/Homeless Vets and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

In response to the question, what has graduating from Pottstown High School meant to you? Heather responded that "graduation from PSHS itself is an accomplishment and benchmark in life. However, graduating from Pottstown High School was bittersweet in the fact that it was "sweet" to be graduating and equipped with the skills and knowledge bestowed upon me from my teachers and coaches at PSHS, and "bitter" to say goodbye to the same mentorship, guidance and trusting relationships I had to rely on while attending PSHS. I felt confident in my capabilities and self-worth I developed from my four years at PSHS."

When asked about what the phrase “Proud to be from Pottstown “mean to her, Heather stated, “I am proud to be from Pottstown, because these are my roots. The familiar places and faces that continue to be part of my life even today, almost 25 years after I left. It is always still good to come 'home.' Hometown, isn't just a place, it is a feeling...from Ice House Deli, Manatawny Park, Brunish's, Frankie and Johnny's, the Elks, the Carousel, Pottstown Trojans, The Mercury, High St, Waterfront Park, Sunnybrook Ballroom, the community people(alumni) and feeling's the familiar places and faces that continue to make me proud to come home and call Pottstown home.”

In receiving this honor, Heather stated “I am truly blessed and honored to been chosen to represent what thousands of Pottstown alumni who came before me had done. We all attended PSHS, graduated and went on to do great things in this world, change the world and make it a better place. I accept this award on behalf of all those who came before me with the same drive and motivation that PSHS became the catalyst for and ensured they were ready to take on the world. Graduates did not need to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEO's, nor famous to be successful alumni...they are also mothers, fathers, coaches, teachers, mentors, community advocates, military, police officers, fire fighters, EMS, nurses, factory workers, secretaries, borough service workers, reporters, writers, artists, and thousands of unmentioned professions and occupations that whether nominated for this honor or not, are success stories of PSHS and are just as proud to be from Pottstown and a product of PSHS as me.”

One piece of advice that Heather would give to high school students, is "ask and listen. Lead and follow. Take advantage of all the education, mentorship and advice you can receive while at PSHS. This is only the beginning of you becoming the type of person you want to be in life. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Don't be afraid to learn from other people’s mistakes, they have less pain and anguish than our own, but the same lesson is learned. If you don't already, thank your parents, coaches, teachers and mentors...come back and visit. I didn't thank them enough while I was there and truly did not appreciate them until after I left. Walking across the stage and accepting that diploma, is also an acceptance of your future and life, for it will be whatever you put into it, and whatever you choose to make it. Make it yours, and make it the best life as the best person you can be. You are a Pottstown Trojan, even after you leave, that will never leave you."

The four honorees will be recognized at the Annual Alumni Honor Roll event on Friday Oct. 19, 2018. The event will begin with a continental breakfast at the Pottstown High School followed by a tour of the Alumni Gallery. The recognition ceremony will be held during an assembly in the High School’s Stanley Davenport Auditorium. 

 The induction ceremony will be followed by a luncheon at the Brookside Country Club. Members of the community as well as all Pottstown High School Alumni are welcome to the event and can purchase tickets for $50 per person which includes admission to all of the events listed above. A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible. Tickets for the luncheon are on sale and can be reserved by contacting Diane Nash in the Superintendent’s Office 610-970-6601.

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