Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lincoln Kids Sink Their Teeth Into Dental Health

Luke Grubbs and Mason Berry practice their brushing on over-sized plastic teeth.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Students at Lincoln Elementary School did some brushing up on the rules of proper dental care recently.
Gabby Colon and Jailyn Hoefel are getting the job done.

Leslie Swartz's Secnd Grade class took brushing and flossing teeth to a whole new level.

During National Orthodontic Health month their gym teacher Alicen Moyer incorporated the importance of taking care of your teeth into a fun team activity.

The gym was set up with cones and mats to represent teeth and tongues. Students used a toothbrush made from a pool noodle and a jump rope for floss.

Student teams of two were given two minutes to brush the teeth and tongue and then floss the teeth afterwards.

Students enjoyed the activity and then discussed the importance of brushing their teeth. Their night time brushing should be a lot easier after this activity.

Jahki Butler and Mason Hall use the over-sized floss to get in between the over-sized teeth.

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