Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lower Pottsgrove Awards Police Commendations

At left, Lowers Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz explains the circumstances of a June 3 strong-arm robbery at the Turkey Hill convenience store solved by, from left, Det. Daniel Kienle, Officer Matt Musselman and Sgt. Robert Greenwood. Next to them are township commissioners Earl Swavely Jr. and Ray Lopez.

A deceptively light agenda for Monday's Township Commissioners meeting gave way to an unannounced ceremony honoring police officers for four major investigations in recent months.

Despite the absence of a previous announcement, there was no shortage of family and well-wishers on hand to laud their achievements.

Here is a breakdown:

May 7, Landis Store Robbery

From left, Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz, Det. Daniel
Kienle, Officer Scott Burnick and township commissioners
Earl Swavely Jr. and Ray Lopez.
About 9:45 a.m., police responded to the Landis Market on High Street in Sanatoga where Officer Scott Burnick found an elderly woman whose purse had been stolen in the parking lot.

After issuing a bulletin for the suspect, Burnick and Det. Seg. Joe Campbell developed a link between their suspect and the vehicle in which he had escaped. When they approached his home, he drove away and after a brief pursuit, they called it off out of concern for public safety.

but the suspect dumped evidence during the pursuit. With the help of Det. David Kienle, the suspect was arrested.

Here is a video of Chief Foltz describing the incident.

June 20, Meth Lab at Rolling Hills

At about 3 in the morning on June 20, Sgt. Scott Weidenhammer and Officer David Slothower responded to a report of a methamphetamine lab at Apt. 135 of the Rolling Hills apartment complex on Buchert Road.

Sgt. Scott Weidenhammer with his commendation.
They undertook a "knock and talk" procedure by which they simply knocked on the door and speak to the people who answer the door.

They saw enough suspicious activity to ask permission to enter and conduct a search.

Once inside, they encountered a haze and distinct odor identified as precursors to a methamphetamine manufacturing facility. They arrested those inside and evacuated the building, calling in the state police to conduct a chemical search.

They seized drugs and six suspects.

Here is video of Chief Foltz describing the incident:

June 3, Turkey Hill Robbery

Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at about 11:20 p.m. on June 3 at the Turkey Hill convenience store at East High Street and Rupert Road.

There, they found a female clerk who had been shoved aside as a thief stole cigarettes and food items before fleeing the store.

Sgt. Robert Greenwood and Officer Matthew Musselman searched for the suspect, but were unsuccessful. They then obtained a photograph of the suspect from the store's security video and Det. Daniel Kienle used facial recognition software the develop a suspect, who later confessed.

Here is a video of Chief Foltz explaining the crime and arrest:

July 3, Turkey Hill Robbery

Chief Foltz, left, Det. Deniele Kienle, Sgt. Timothy Walters
and township commissioners Earl Swavely Jr. and Ray Lopez. 
One month later to the day, the exact same clerk at the exact same Turkey Hill made the exact same call -- she had been robbed.

When police arrived they found she had a severe wound to her hand. She had been slashed by a man who was armed with a large knife and demanded cash from the register. He cut her, took the money and ran off.

Sgt. Timothy Walters arrived and ordered a search, and after viewing the surveillance video, immediately recognized the thief, which quickly led to the man's arrest.

In other less dramatic business, the commissioners approved a 4,950 square-foot storage building at the Limerick nuclear Generating Station and a 2,696 square-foot clubhouse at the Spring Valley Farms project, now under construction.

The board also took time to note, with regret, the passing of David Updegrove, a longtime volunteer wit the Sanatoga Fire Company, as well as the local historical society. They also thanked the police and firefighters who organized and undertook the honor procession down High Street that marked his passing.

And now here are the Tweets from the meeting:

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