Saturday, July 7, 2018

These Colors DO Run, For Clean Water in Kenya

Photos by John J. Armato
Trojan runners brave a spray of colored powder as they cross the finish line of the All For Kenya 5-K in Riverfront Park.
Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Thanks to Pottstown High School teacher Dave Woodley, Rupert teacher Treena Ferguson and Team Trojan Man, the people of the Pikot Village in Kenya are one step closer to having a well to supply clean drinking water. 
Treena Ferguson and her daughter.

All ran in the recent All For Kenya 5-K Color Run in Riverfront Park. 

Money raised at the event went towards drilling a well that will supply the Pikot Village with clean water. 

The 5-K distance was selected because that is how far students in the Pikot Village walk to school and how far they walk for clean drinking water on a daily basis. 

Running through clouds of colored powder just added to the fun of the event. 

Woodley, Ferguson, along with Trojan Men Jorge Mundo, Jon Jon Ositer and Zack Griffin were all place winners. 

PHS grad, class of 2002, Jared Remigio joined Team Trojan Man to support the World Hope event. 
BEFORE: From left, Zack Griffin, Jorge Mundo as Trojan Man, Jon Oister and Dave Woodley were all clean and cool BEFORE the All for Kenya 5-K.

AFTER: Ummmm, not so clean or cool, but what they did certainly was.
Mundo said "I am not much of a runner but was proud to be part of Team Trojan Man and know that we are helping people thousands of miles away improve their living conditions." 
Trojan Man always finishes what he starts.

Woodley, who is the acknowledged leader of The Trojan Nation said "I am so very proud of these young men to come out on a very hot Saturday morning to run 3.1 miles and have colored powder thrown on them so that they could help people that they will never see, is reason to say Proud to be from Pottstown."

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