Monday, March 5, 2018

North End Pool on the Hunt for New Members

The North End Swim Club was established in 1960.
Pottstown's venerable North End Pool club is adapting to the times.

Many private non-profit pool clubs have struggled or closed in recent years.

But with a new board of directors and a new pricing model, the North End Pool Club is angling to attract new members.

Gone is the often cost-prohibitive requirement to post a bond, according to Board President Debbie Bumbaugh.

And memberships now include family, couple, single and even caregiver/babysitter, as well as senior citizen discounts.

"We are on a revival mission with 10 brand new board members and myself," Bumbaugh wrote in an email.
The pavilion is available for all members.
"We have all the school district parties already scheduled as well as all our outside camper groups. We have a lot of other good things in the works," she wrote.

The facility, located at 901 N. Adams St., across from Brookside County Club, has a full sand volleyball court, basketball court, playground/swings, and a pavilion for members/guests to enjoy.

North End Pool also has several swim teams for different ages overseen by local coaching legend Kathy Cook. 

There have been recent renovations to the pool, which also boasts certified, full-time lifeguards. 

Payments can also now be made in monthly installments

The club now offers singles and couples plans.
The pricing options are as follows:
  • $450 for a married or together couple, or head of family, and dependent children 25 years of age or under.
  • $350 for a married or together couple OR a single parent and dependent children.
  • $250 for single members must be at least 14 years of age. If a child is using the pool without an adult present, there must be a contact provided when signing in. 
  • $75 for an extra $75,  add a caregiver/babysitter to a membership. This is a person who will be bringing a child to the pool on a weekly basis if parents are working. This does not serve as a membership for the caregiver to come on his/her own. It is simply a daily pass for the days he/she is being a caregiver. Those with  a family membership and who are a caregiver to a child that is not theirs, but will be bringing that child on a daily basis, please use this add on fee.
Each membership option will include a $25 activity fee in addition to the yearly membership costs. 

Those who volunteer four or more hours helping at any events (for example: leaf clean-up, start of season pool opening, end of season pool closing, family day, etc.), the $25 fee will be returned. 

For those who choose not to volunteer, North End Swimming Club will take your donation as your time. Seniors 65 and over are exempt from the volunteer fee.

Membership payments are due no later than opening day, Saturday, May 26th. Any dues paid after that date will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Membership questions should be directed to Jaime Reinhart at:

For more information, or to get an application form, uses the club's web site.

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