Friday, September 29, 2017

Teaching Proper Respect for Our Flag in Pottstown

Photo Courtesy of Pottstown Schools.

Navy veteran Billy Worrell, right, gives Lincoln Elementary students Nicholas Woodley and Matthew Berry instruction on the proper way to fold the American flag.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

As the nation and president debate which actions indicate respect for the American flag and/or
veterans, at least one Pottstown area veteran was focusing purely on making sure Pottstown students are taught the proper and respectful way to handle the flag when putting it up and taking it down the flagpole at Lincoln Elementary School.

Fourth graders Nicholas Woodley and Matthew Berry, recently received some inpromtu  instruction on the proper way to fold our country's flag. 

U.S. Navy veteran Billy Worrell was picking his granddaughter up from school when he noticed the boys, who are members of the school Safety Patrol, trying to fold the flag. 

As a veteran of the Navy, member of the American Legion Honor Guard at veteran funerals and a Scout Master for 13 years, he knows a little bit about the subject.

Luckily, he was willing and able to pass on knowledge of how to properly fold our country's flag to the next generation of our country's leaders. 

"The citizenship shown by both young and old is just one more reason to say Proud to be from Pottstown," said Community Relations Director John Armato.


  1. ​Pretty sad to re-print a typo-ridden piece of clickbait from the school district. Do they pay you to publish something like this? There is absolutely zero connection between, on the one hand, NFL players taking a knee out of solidarity with unarmed black children being murdered by cops, and, on the other hand, young children learning how to fold a flag. You're contributing to an already tangled and widely misunderstood issue.​

  2. 1) Thanks for commenting.
    2) No, the school district does not pay me.
    3) I disagree there is no connection. Children watching the protests at football games may believe, thanks to some comments and broadcasts, that the protest is against the flag. While I agree with you that the protests are not against the flag, learning proper handling of the flag from a veteran is one way to help them better understand why the flag is important and what it represents including, but not limited to, free speech.

  3. I agree.. wasn't written very clearly and you probably just confused more children

  4. Thanks for spreading your particular brand of sunshine.