Friday, July 28, 2017

Pottstown School Board Works on Self-Improvement

Members of the Pottstown School Board and administration look over their work in a team-building exercise on what makes a good teacher, administrator and school board member?

Just over half the membership of the Pottstown School Board got together for a "workshop" meeting Thursday night that was less focused on the school district, and more focused on themselves.

To be more specific, the workshop was geared toward how to be more effective as a board, which in turn obviously benefits the school district as well.

Although it took place in the high school library instead of a locker room, the goal was the same -- team-building.

Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez led the board through several exercises, readings and discussions all of which were aimed at being effective leaders, how to work together better as a team and specific changes that might be made to bring those goals about.

For the most part, the Tweets below tell the story. Have a look.

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