Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Council OKs $900,000 in Street Repairs for 2017

No matter if its red, blue or green, the streets colored on this map are on the schedule to be paved. The colors simply indicate whether the paving is in concert with a water project, sewer project or straight out of the liquid fuels fund.

Pottstown has 70 miles of streets and 15 miles of alleys. Ten miles of those roads are state roads.

And between now and Oct. 30, about four miles of them are going to be paved.

At least that's what I Tweeted from Monday's council meeting.

The borough has since posted this map on its web site, indicating all the streets that will be re-paved, either as the result of a water line project, a sewer line project, or just straight paving (hence the different colors).

It looks like more than 3.95 miles to me, which is what I saw at the bottom of a list of the streets to be paved, so maybe I was looking at the wrong list.

Some of the re-paving will follow water or sewer line
like this one on High Street last year.
Anyhoo, people complain on The Mercury's Facebook page all the time about the condition of the roads in town, so it occurred to me you might be interested in the fact that some of them are going to get better.

I also Tweeted to check the borough web site for a list, but I couldn't find one, so, my bad.

If you can't make out whether your street is getting paved from the map above, you can check it out on the borough web site by clicking here, where it can be enlarged.

The bid for the overlay paving was awarded to  Joseph E. Sucher and Sons, Inc., of Eddystone, in the amount of $742,446 according to the bid, which is now linked to the on-line agenda for the council meeting (a feature I am LOVING by the way).

Then there is the $83,650 bid that council awarded to Trenchless Line Co. of Bridgeport for manhole rehabilitation,

And don't forget the $63,193 bid they awarded to Cleaver Cable Construction Inc. of Glenolden for clean and televise sewer lines and you've got a grand total of $897,489 being spent to improve the streets (above and below) in this humble borough.

If you're still having trouble figuring out if the paver is coming your way, contact the borough council member in your ward. They LOVE answering questions like this.

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