Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bridges and Murals and Fires Oh My!

If you're interested in backyard fires, large murals or new bridges, Pottstown Borough Council was the place to be Monday night.

PennDOT held a public hearing on the $3.5 million plan to replace the King Street bridge over Manatawny Creek.

The bridge, built in 1957 carries about 9,000 vehicles per day and its structurally deficient.

Work is slated to begin after July 4, 2019.

Yes, you read that right, it's still two years away.

As for the backyard fire pits and such, council approved that ordinance change unanimously, despite the objection of Michelle Chasin, who said the smoke is dangerous and she has had problems with her neighbor's fire pit.

Two other residents spoke out in favor of it.

The vote on the new mural ordinance was not unanimous. Councilman Dennis Arms remained opposed, saying the requirements that a maintenance agreement be secured before a permit is issued is needless.

It was a pretty quick meeting overall, as the Tweets below will show.

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