Monday, June 5, 2017

Smith, Rubincam Named Barth's 2017 Peacemakers

Photos Courtesy of Pottstown Schools
Kerry Pidcock-Lester with this year's Peacemakers, Julia Smith and Joel Rubincam. Barth Principal Ryan Oxenford is at the podium.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by The Pottstown School District.

Recently, Pastor Kerry Pidcock-Lester from the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown presented two students from Elizabeth B. Barth Elementary with Peacemaker awards.

Joel Rubincam and Julia Smith, were named Peacemakers by their classmates for being exceptionally kind and considerate to their peers.

Julia Smith and her family
“I commend you for being chosen as Barth Elementary School Peacemakers of the year. Your classmates have seen in you honorable qualities: kindness, respect, courage, and a willingness to solve problems in a peaceful way,” Pidcock-Lester said.

Several fourth grade students read remarks about the positive traits of the award
winners, including:
  • “I nominate this girl for Barth Peacemaker award because she is fantastic. She stood out since she came to this school. She is brave and honest with everybody. She is a role model not only to younger kids but to older kids as well.”
  • “I nominate this person for the Barth Peacemaker award because whenever I get hurt, she asks me if I’m okay. When we are out at recess and I am not playing, she asks me if I want to play with her. She is always kind to everyone. She is always truthful to me.”
  • “I nominate this person for Barth Peacemaker award because she treats people how she wants to be treated, she solves fights fairly, and she stands up for what she knows is right. She is kind to all.”
  • “I nominate this boy for Barth Peacemaker award because he is very forgiving. He helps me out very often. He is a very good friend to a lot of people. I don’t remember him ever being rude to me or anybody else.”
  • “I nominate this boy for Barth Peacemaker award because he is very kind and respectful to others. He is also responsible. He is truthful and he is a good friend. For instance, he let a student in front of him because the student was feeling down.”
Joel Rubincam and his family.
Both Pidcock-Lester and Barth Principal Ryan Oxenford noted that the “Peacemaker” trait as particularly important in navigating today’s world.

“In a world that is often hurt by violence, these are very important qualities because peace is precious and peacemakers are people we like to invest in,” Pidcock-Lester stated. 

Pottstown School District is thankful for the First Presbyterian Church’s partnership and generosity in providing both students with $100 awards. According Oxenford, the church also donates $3,000 to the school for student educational field trips.

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  1. The First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown has been quietly doing and or sponsoring the Peacemaker program plus the Barth Bulldog leadership program for boys, plus the Barth Bookbusters reading program for 15 years as a service to the Pottstown Community.