Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pottstown Students Get Glimpse into Health Care

From left, Ja'Mya Greer, Hannah Palmer, 

and Karrisa White
Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

After a year of planning and collaborating with the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, the level three Healthcare Technology students completed a clinical rotation at the hospital at the end of May. 

Ja'Mya Greer, Hannah Palmer, and Karrisa White had the opportunity to shadow healthcare workers and observe what goes on behind the scenes in a hospital.

The three students spent their first day in a continuing education session for hospital employees to keep them up to date on the latest policies, procedures, and technology. 

The students had the opportunity to see trifold displays created by the nurses in the hospital as a resource for other nurses and healthcare professionals in the building to stay current. Students sat through a session on the latest protocol for patients presenting with chest pain called the STEMI Pathway and even took the quiz given by the presenter. 

 After hearing from the cardiologist, students learned about new technology just purchased by the hospital to assist patients' whose primary language is not English. Then they observed a presentation on the Gift of Life organ donor program.

On their second round, students were given a tour of the facility and met with the respiratory department. Students were given a demonstration of the equipment that respiratory therapists use to treat respiratory disorders. 

Afterward they were paired with a member of the Physical and Occupational Therapy teams and completed rounds with a physical or occupational therapist. The highlight of the day was a tour through the intensive care unit.

On their final rotation, students met with the director of the laboratory. Students took a tour of the lab area and were able to see diagnostic laboratory tests in process and gain real world experience in what a laboratory technician does. 

After the lab tour, the three students were able to tour the radiology department and then each one went with a different radiology technician. 

 Ja'Mya Greer decided to go to radiology and observe the radiology technicians complete mammograms. "It was cool how they performed the tests, and interesting since I want to become an OB\GYN," she daid. 

Karrisa White was also in the radiology department. Karrisa was able to sit in on an ultrasound of the kidneys. She said "It went smoothly. The pictures came out clear and afterwards she did the paperwork and put it away for the doctor. I would like to be a Sonographer or a Radiology Technician at the hospital."

Hannah Palmer was able to observe a back x-ray and a chest x-ray. Hannah said "I learned a lot and I got to see how different departments worked and was able to ask them questions, like if they liked their job and what school they went to. I also liked that I was able to be face to face with patients. I just wish we could have done it for a longer time."

The students were able to relate what we discuss in class to what it looks like in the real world. 

The Pottstown High School’s Career and Technical Education program is thankful to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center for providing us with this opportunity. The time, investment of personnel, and extensive planning on the part of the hospital is greatly appreciated. The high school and hospital plan to continue developing the rotation and to offer the experience each school year.
Pottstown High School is a public high school entity that combines academic instruction with elective career and technical educational programming.

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