Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Parking is Always a Burning Question in Pottstown

Photo by Evan Brandt
A proposal to lease 20 of the 78 parking spots in the Park and Shop lot at High and South Charlotte streets generated the majority of the discussion at council Monday night.

This being a Monday, there was a course a borough council meeting.

And there being a borough council meeting, they were of course talking about parking.

For a town that was designed before there were cars, we sure seem surprised to discover that accommodating cars can be a daunting enterprise.

Nevertheless, we are.

You can read all about the parking issues in today's Mercury and in the Tweets below, so I will give you another little piece of news instead that may help you enjoy your summer that much more.

New Fire Marshal Donald W. Stiteler
Some of you, no doubt, like to have a fire pit or "chimney" flaming in your back yard as the hot day gives way to cool evening, both to create atmosphere and to keep the bugs away.

But until last night, it also could create headaches because, under the borough ordinance, they were illegal unless you were cooking on them.

Enter new Fire Chief Michael Lessar Jr. and really, really new Fire Marshal Donald W. Stiteler.

Lessar, who was appointed last month, and Stiteler, who was appointed last night, both think this is a little silly.

The International Fire Code covers this sort of activity just fine, without the vague and contradictory language of Ordinance No. 2084, Lessar told council.

In his formal written proposal, Lessar indicated "staff review of open burning regulations in light of numerous residents' complaints finds that repeal of Ordinance 2084 would remove restrictive and confusing borough regulations that are already covered by the International Fire code."

And no, this does not mean you can burn leaves and trash in your backyard in the borough.

However, it does mean you can go out and buy any commercial outdoor fireplace and use it in your backyard so long as it is 15 feet away from any structure of combustible surface.

And no, you won't need a permit.

But don't run out and buy one just yet. The vote means the rescinding of the ordinance will be advertised. Another vote is needed.

Here are the Tweets!

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