Thursday, May 18, 2017

Will Tropical Treat Again Be Used to Sell Used Cars?

Photo by Evan Brandt

The former Tropical Treat, former used car dealership, former pawn shop, future car dealership on High Street in Stowe.

What was once a car hop, then a car shiop, then a pawn shop, may soon become a car shop again.

The West Pottsgrove Township Commissioners voted Wednesday to send to the zoning board an application by the owner of the property everyone who has lived here at least 20 years calls The Tropical Treat to once again be a used car lot.

For a short time, the immediately recognized site had gone from being a long-time used car dealer to a short-lived pawn shop.

But that all came to an end in January when state police raided the property for selling stolen property and the pawn shop quickly went out of business.

Because the use of the property had changed, Township Manager Craig Lloyd explained, the owner must apply for a special exception from the zoning hearing board, for it to return to a used car dealership.

"If that use had continued, this would not be necessary," said Commissioners Chairman Steve Miller.

In its heyday, the Tropical Treat was one end of the famous and infamous Pottstown "cruising" circuit. The other end was The Hilltop burger joint in Sanatoga, with classic and not-so-classic cars cruising along High Street between the two.

The board also voted to send a new billboard ordinance to the planning commission for comment and made further announcement about plans for the Community Day set for Oct. 14.

But you can read all about it in the Tweets below...

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