Friday, May 26, 2017

Solicitor Peddles Solicitation Update in Lower

I put my money on 20 minutes for Thursday's Township Commissioners meeting as the agenda was so light.

The ever-wise Joe Zlomek, publisher of the Sanatoga Post, said because they were considering three new ordinances it would be more.

But I would have won if Commissioner Ray Lopez had not raised the idea of changing the title of Code Enforcement Chief Joe Groff to the head of the Licensing and Inspections Department, similar to what was done in Pottstown a few years ago.

There was a lot of hemming and hawing and no decision was made, but it made me lose my bet and I'm pretty sure I owe Joe Zlomek a drink.

Otherwise, the most significant discussion -- no votes were taken -- was probably the updating of the peddling and solicitation ordinance.

Solicitor Charles Garner Jr. noted that it had not been updated since the 1970s and offered such waivers as the ability to sell meat and dairy products from the back of a truck, not something that happens much nowadays.

So in the interest of being proactive -- the justification for draft sewer holding tank and blasting ordinances also discussed Thursday night -- Garner and Township Manager Ed Wagner offered some "tweaks and updates."

Primarily, they include such practical suggestions and shortening a the term of a peddling license from a year to six months, applying it primarily to for-profit enterprises and requiring background checks for the issuing of a license.

Non-profits wopuld still be required to obtain a permit (thought not a license) under the current draft, but fees would be waived.

Commissioner Robert Molhollen was particularly insistent that the ordinance should not interfere with such regular occurrences and selling Girl Scout cookies and Salvation Army solicitations at Christmas.

He was assured they would not.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting.

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