Saturday, April 29, 2017

Recycling Lessons at West Pottsgrove Earth Day

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by West Pottsgrove Elementary School.

Students at West Pottsgrove Elementary School celebrated Earth Day by turning trash into treasure. 

The students collected items that would have otherwise been trash and then used their imaginations to make interesting creations. 

We asked families to provide a variety of clean items that the children could use. The collected items were then sorted and organized for the children to select from for their creations. 

Every student in the building was able to participate in the project. 

Staff and parent volunteers manned the hot glue guns for the items that would not stick with a regular glue stick. 

It was fascinating to see the varied and creative projects that the students came up with. We had jet packs, robots, and animals, super heroes and spaceships. There was even had a very creative Minnie Mouse from a milk jug, buttons and some old CDs. 

The children had a great deal of fun making their projects and sharing them with their friends and families. 

The lesson of the day was to allow the children to express their creativity and to teach the children that sometimes things we might throw away can be useful in a new way.

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