Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Middle School Career Shadow in Broadcasting

Photo Courtesy of the Pottstown School District
From left, Bernie Gallager, Darius Smallwood and Middle School Football and Basketball coach Levert Hughes.
Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Congratulations to Pottstown Middle School student, Darius Smallwood on being named this year's recipient of the 2017 PCTV Career Shadow Award.

PCTV Sports broadcaster, Bernie Gallagher explained the criteria for the award.

"The primary focus of the award is to introduce a young student to the arena of sports broadcasting. They must display a positive attitude, have good grades and be involved in the community."

Darius was an integral member of The Pottstown Middle School 8th grade Football and Basketball teams and he shadowed Gallagher as he prepared for the Pioneeer Athletic Conference basketball playoffs.

He was very helpful in preparing and analyzing statistics used on the pregame shows. Gallagher further explained "Darius is a terrific young man who always has a smile on his face, is humble and is always willing to help others." Another reason to say Proud to be from Pottstown.

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