Saturday, March 25, 2017

50-Plus Inducted into Jr. Honor Society at PMS

Photos courtesy of the Pottstown School District
More than 50 Pottstown Middle School students have been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Recently the Pottstown Middle School held induction ceremonies for new members of the National Junior Honor Society. The candle lighting induction ceremony was conducted at a school-wide assembly which was also attended by school district administrators, school board members, and parents of the inductees.

The National Junior Honor Society is sponsored by Diane Halpine who also organized the candle
lighting induction program. Stephen Rodriguez, Acting Superintendent of Schools, was the keynote speaker and encouraged students to achieve academic success and to use it as the foundation for accomplishing their adult goals.

The middle school band, under the direction of Katie German, provided entertainment for the program.

Honor society student Liza Eames gave the keynote introduction and Julian Paskel led the inductees in the Honor Society Pledge. As has been the tradition of Pottstown Middle School National Junior Honor Society, a poem was read. This year, eighth grade student Destri Roye provided the reading.

Middle School Principal David Todd said, “I am extremely proud of the choices that these young men and women have made that have brought them to this point in their lives. Their continued good judgment and willingness to make a personal commitment to excellence will lead them to future adult success.”

Halpine explained that the object of the chapter is to create a desire to render service, promote leadership, and to encourage the development of character. Requirements for membership include that a student must obtain a minimum grade point average of 91 percent during their sixth and seventh grade years and maintain that average. Additionally, they must complete an application that includes obtaining character references from community and staff members.
Stephen Rodriguez, acting superintendent of Pottstown Schools,
delivered the keynote address at the middle school ceremony.

Under the direction of Halpine, the students work to maintain high standards of academic achievement and community service. Their participation helps to keep them focused from an early age on the goals of high academic achievement. Students who actively pursue academic excellence increase their chances of success in adult life.

The Pottstown School District is proud to have a local chapter of a prestigious organization such as the National Honor Society and a coordinator who works tirelessly to provide opportunity for students to gain an appreciation and value for education. This year’s inductees include:

Tajera Bass, Jaylah Becker-Aiken, Natalia Brown, Madison Carberry, Michelle Castillo, Felicidade Chimbinja, Kennedy Cole, Calista Daye, Vincenzo DeLeo, Colin Dellaquila, Genesis Diamond, Elizabeth Eames, Nada Elgendy, Evelyn Estes, Kylie Farmer, Julianna Figueroa, Xzavier Francis Williams, Rylie Gasper, Beatriz Guardado, CyeNyla Hall, Nathan Harper, Alexa Heater, Cynae Hills, Maria Jimenez, Cheyenne Lee, Anthony Lowe, Angelina Ludy, Dylan Maximenko, Kaleigh Martin, Mackenzie Moser, Kira Nihart, Allison Ormston, Yasmin Paez, Anthony Pinos, Leana Playfair, Jesseny Redrovan, Ma’kea Regis, Jessica Rivera, Tori Robinson, Ian Rosales, Gabriel Roseo, Savannah Sluzenski Minnick, Deanna Stefanavage, Ariana Torres, Lacie Townsend, Noel Wallner, Alexis Watkins, Austin Weller, Daniel Williams, Jayniana Williams, Joshua Wilson, Nerissa Yost.

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