Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pot Zoning, Boy Scout Bridges and Animal Laws

Photo by Evan Brandt
Members of Boy Scout Troop 129 are honored by the Upper Pottsgrove Township Commissioners in recognition of the scout's construction of a second bridge over Fox Run in Hollenbach Park.

There were a total of four different meetings I could have attended last night.

I chose Upper Pottsgrove Commissioners over Douglass (Mont.), Lower Pottsgrove Planning and a joint meeting between Pottstown Borough Council and the school board -- all because of one word.

That word is Marijuana.

Not that I wanted some, but because a commissioners discussion about zoning for it was on the agenda.

It is a hot topic these days. In fact while I was listening to the commissioners talk about whether they wanted to zone for it locally, or through the Pottstown Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Committee -- which meets tomorrow -- an entrepreneur was proposing a grow facility in Limerick Township.

You can see some of that discussion in the Tweets below thanks to my colleague Eric Devlin, who was covering that meeting.

The Upper Pottsgrove discussion was fairly brief and inconclusive, but that fact that there is also a a grow facility being proposed in West Pottsgrove, makes it all part of a larger discussion on the issue.

Look to future issues of The Mercury for that.

In the meantime, the Upper Pottsgrove Commissioners were plenty busy in their own.

They approved an easement for a property no one owns to allow for the proposed Mattress Factory on Commerce Drive so the business can go to closing on the building ... I know, don't ask.

Commissioners also discussed tax breaks for volunteer firefighters, a discussion that is also underway in Pottstown.

They also added $15,000 to the price ceiling for engineering work on the proposed new public works building and discussed sewer work and paving in the Regal Oaks subdivision and whether to require residents to connect to the system. No decision yet on that one.

Discussion was also had over forming a regional code of appeals with other municipalities and how the township gets revenue from a billboard located on township property. They didn't like the latest proposal.

And then there was adoption of a new noise ordinance in the township -- a long-time coming -- as well as the draft for a new animal nuisance ordinance, which is not yet ready for adoption.

You can read all about it in the Tweets below.

Now, can someone tell me what happened at the other three meetings?

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