Thursday, January 5, 2017

Police Promotion, Lifesaving Awards Kick Off 2017

Photos by Evan Brandt
Pottstown Police Officer Zachary Robinson, second from left, and Cpl. Steve Morrisey, are flanked by Pottstown Police Captain Robert Thomas and Chief Rick Drumheller, as well as Police Chaplain Everett Debnam, right, after receiving commendations for reviving a North Hanover Street man on Nov. 12.

Although there was a lot on the agenda of Wednesday night's borough council meeting, it was nice to start the year off with two positive police stories.

The first we will relate here is the tale that began on Nov. 12 when officer Zachary  Robinson arrived at 331 N. Hanover St. to find George Weller collapsed half in and half out of the door of apartment 29.

Weller was blue, not breathing and had no pulse.

Robinson immediately began providing oxygen and chest compression, but because of where the victim was located, had to stand over him, straddling him in the doorway.

When Corporal Steve Morrisey arrived, and saw Robinson was tiring, he stepped in and relieved him until medical help arrived. They were later informed Weller had regained a pulse, due in part to their efforts.

Police Chief Rick Drumheller said both officers' uniforms will now bear a badge indicating they have saved a life, although Morrisey's will have a star in the center because it is the second time he has performed that service.

Police Officer Todd Istenes, on the other hand, was on hand Wednesday to receive a different change to his uniform -- some stripes on his sleeve -- specifically, to be promoted to corporal.

Newly minted Pottstown Police Corporal Todd Istenes, in blue shirt,
flanked by Capt. Robert Thomas, Chief Rick Drumheller
and Chaplain 
Everett Debnam after being promoted Wednesday.
"When you're the chief of police, you're afforded the luxury of watching your officers grow up," Drumheller said as Istenes stood next to him.

"I've watched Todd's career from the very beginning. I've watched his dreams and desires, his goals and his meticulous work," said Drumheller.

As the newest member of the command staff, "I have to tell you, your world will change," Drumheller told Istenes. "There will those who respect you, those who put themselves out, and there will be those who test you. Do well, just maintain what you've been doing your whole career, and you'll do a fine job."  

Of course than just these two things happened last night.

There was a presentation on land banking, a blight-fighting tool that borough council seems newly interested in taking up. Look for a story on that in The Mercury in the coming days.

Also, PDIDA Executive Director Sheila Dugan has asked not only for the size of the PDIDA board of directors to be reduced from nine to seven, but also reviewed the first year of the downtown farm market, and plans for the coming year.

That too will be the subject of a coming Mercury article.

And there are 14 appointments to be made at Monday's meeting, but the most interesting one looks like it will be for the open seat on the Pottstown Borough Authority.

Last month, the authority board wrestled with the procedure, and appropriateness, of seeking the re-appointment of Jeff Chomnuk. He schooled them a bit on their previous endorsements.

And now it seems that Council Vice President Sheryl Miller, who ousted Chomnuk from the Third Ward seat on council, is now seeking to be appointed to his seat on the authority.

That's going to be interesting.

In the meantime, here are the Tweets and videos from last night's meeting:

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