Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Traffic Talk and An Absent Supervisor/Defendant

Seriously? More traffic coming?

The frustration caused by the traffic -- and potential increase in traffic -- in the Boyertown/Gilbertsville area was front and center once again during Monday's Douglass (Mont.) Township Board of Supervisor's meeting.

But before we get to what was at the meeting, let us take a moment to mention what, or rather who, wasn't.

Monday was the first day of the theft trial by judge of Fred Ziegler, former police chief and current vice chairman of the board of supervisors.

This case having dragged on for more than two years, curiosity required coming to Monday night's meeting to see if he would.

He didn't.

Other than that, the subject that attracted the most interest was the last -- a move for a regional traffic study among the eight municipalities that comprise the Pottstown Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Committee.

Regular readers of this blog will know the subject was covered pretty extensively in Friday's post, as well as two subsequent Mercury stories which have been posted on the web site, but have set to see any ink.

(Links to those and more are include in the Tweets below).

What Monday's discussion offered was an opportunity to hear what non-professionals think about the current traffic situation.

In short, they hate it.

The often-outspoken Alex Brumwell said "I didn't move here to be stuck in traffic all the time."

Another resident said that Hoffmansville Road has become a speedway during rush hour, and now even Middle Creek Road is suffering the same fate.

Supervisors Chairman Anthony Kuklinski said he hopes that not only will a regional traffic study get a handle on the big picture, but that hopefully it will help convince PnnDOT and even the state legislature that it is time to update how Pennsylvania deals with traffic costs.

And now here, without further ado, are last night's Tweets.

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