Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Fall Full of Fun at West Pottsgrove Elementary

Photos Courtesy of West Pottsgrove Elementary School
West Pottsgrove Police Officer Andy Peiffer dressed up as Batman for the annual Trunk or Treat at West Pottsgrove Elementary School on Oct. 29.

Blogger's Note: The following was submitted by West Pottsgrove Elementary School Principal Terri Koehler.

The students at West Pottsgrove have been enjoying a variety of activities to celebrate fall and all things related. 
Students enjoyed decorating their own pumpkins thanks
to guidance counselor Jen Snyder and her family.
The children have been listening to stories about Halloween and other fall fun and engaging in many activities related to math, science, reading, writing and art. 

Thanks to Jen Snyder, our guidance counselor and her family, each student received two pumpkins to decorate and take home.

On Saturday Oct. 29, the PTA sponsored their annual Trunk or Treat. 

West End Fire Company's Fire Police
also participated in Trunk or Treat.
 There we 25 plus trunks this year participating along with two trucks from the West End Fire Company and a car from our friends at the West Pottsgrove Police Department, who sent Batman for the event (aka Officer Andy Peiffer). 

Thanks to the lovely fall day, we had a great turn out and the children and families had lots of fun, tick or treating, doing crafts, tasting apples and engaging in a dance party.

We also engaged in some fun with pumpkins related to science and math. 

With the assistance of parent volunteers, the students did pumpkin investigations. 

Pumpkin math at West Pottsgrove Elementary
They estimated the weight of the pumpkins and how many seeds there would be inside. 

The children observed the physical characteristics of the pumpkins and wrote down their findings. 

They then weighed the pumpkins before and after removing the seeds. 

The real fun came when the children got to stick their hands inside and pull out the seeds and then count the seeds inside. 

It was a great way to learn more about pumpkins and for our some of our students; it was their first time carving a real pumpkin.
Magician Sam Sandler entertains students at
West Pottsgrove Elementary School

On Monday Oct. 31, we welcomed magician Sam Sandler to West. 

Sam has a wonderful program of magic and inspiration. 

Sam is deaf and he uses his program to share an inspiration message that the magic is inside each of us and if we work hard and believe in ourselves, we can accomplish anything. 

Pottsgrove School Board Vice President Matt Alexander recommended Sam and the program was sponsored by the West Pottsgrove PTA. 

 His program was a fun and inspirational way to celebrate Halloween as a school.

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