Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Council Faces Storm Water Fee Decision

If you read my blog post of Sept. 21, or my Mercury story of the same day, you won't find much new here in terms of the main topic of discussion last night.

What was new, I suppose, was borough council's reaction to it.

Whether or not a storm water fee is imposed in Pottstown will, first, depend on borough council because the only entity Pennsylvania law will allow to impose such a fee is an existing authority, like the Pottstown Borough Authority.

If council does not want the authority board to handle the matter, which is has up to this point, it will have to create a new "storm water authority," if it wants to impose a fee.

Imposing a fee is the only way to ensure that non-profit entities like The Hill School or Pottstown's many churches also pay into the costs of managing storm run-off.

The problem is, everyone else pays too and, as Councilman Dennis Arms no doubt correctly noted, "nobody wants to pay any more."

So the decision about moving forward rests with council; and then implementing that decision will likely rest either with the Borough Authority or a new authority created for just this issue and that, in my humble opinion, would make things even more complicated than they already are.

If you're confused, perhaps the Tweets will clear things up.

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