Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Questions Raised About Former Official's Building

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Tuesday  night was another one for North Coventry resident, and Sanatoga property owner Dave Fisher to pose some uncomfortable questions to the township commissioners.

Fisher, who in June called for the resignation of zoning hearing board chairman Keith Diener for his failure to file financial disclosure forms, this time apparently had former township commissioner James Vlahos in his sights.

Fisher asked several questions about why his Right to Know requests regarding the development file for 1954 E. High St., in which Vlahos apparently had a hand, showed no evidence of a sprinkler system being installed or waivers from the approved plans for a water permeable parking lot to control storm water.

In fact, said Fisher, the macadam parking lot has made storm run-off worse, affecting a building he developed, which is downhill from 1954.

He also noted there there is no highway occupancy permit in the file, which is required given that High Street is a state road.

Fisher further noted that he could find no evidence of a use and occupancy permit for the second floor of the building, as he was required to procure for his building, or for an expansion out the back of the building.

Whether this is simply evidence of a bad filing system or something deeper is not yet known. Township Solicitor Charles Garner Jr. thanked Fisher for bringing this information to the board's attention, and said they would respond when they had some answers.

Fisher requested that the response be in writing.

Here are the Tweets from last night's meeting, including video of Fisher's comments.

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