Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PottsTOWN Talks Economy and More

No, this is not a photo from last night's PottsTOWN Talks meeting. It is a photo from last month's meeting. But our new free-lancer Nancy March was so busy live Tweeting the meeting, that she didn't Tweet any photos.

 Welcome, guest Tweeter/Blogger Nancy March.

Never able to stay away from local news for long, March, the former editor of The Mercury, came out of retirement this week to cover some stories for us as a free-lancer.

One of them was last night's PottsTOWN Talks meeting, the second in as many months.

(I was busy at a Pottsgrove School Board meeting that was as brief as it was absent of earth-shattering news.)

This month's topic was the local economy and the meeting started off with presentations from two executive directors, Steve Bamford from Pottstown Area Industrial Development, or PAID; and Sheila Dugan of Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority, or PDIDA.

Also speaking was Matt Green, a local realtor and activist and former Pottstown police officer.

Then the meeting, which was attended by about 50 people, according to March's Tweets, broke up into smaller groups to brainstorm specific actions in specific areas -- economic development, community engagement and external marketing.

Although the dates have not been set, the topics for the next two PottsTOWN Talks meetings have, according to organizer Emanuel Wilkerson: schools, then neighborhoods.

And here are March's Tweets from last night's meeting. An article will also be published in The Mercury.

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