Friday, September 23, 2016

Pottstown School Board Twists the Night Away

Photo by Evan Brandt

Stephen Rodriguez, acting superintendent of the Pottstown School District, really seemed to enjoy his star turn with the Pottstown High School Color Guard Thursday night when they undertook the #twistchallenge to raise awareness about the fight against childhood cancer.

So, little did I know it, but apparently my 'Bucket List' included watching acting Schools Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez, Trojan Man and members of the Pottstown School Board (yes, you read that right, the Pottstown School Board) cut the rug to Chubby Checker's classic "The Twist."

Consider that bucket filled.

Sure, there was news last night.

We got an update on the campaign to raise money to replace the lights in Grigg Stadium.

And a decision was made on how to move forward with replacing School Board Vice President Andrew Kefer, who resigned last week to move to West Virginia.

There was even a presentation on a vote that could ultimately save school tax payers $1 million.

But folks, I have to tell you, watching Rodriguez and the school board members twisting away like dervishes is something you just have to sit back and take a moment to appreciate.

Things like this don't happen ever day you know.

Like the Ice Bucket Challenge which preceded it (you all remember that right?), the #TwistChallenge was brought to the board by member Emanuel Wilkerson and the Trojan Man mascot, who was there representing Mascots for a Cure.

Apparently Trojan Man has been running around all over the place issuing this challenge and, Wilkerson announced last night, Pottstown High School is the first place to take up the challenge, thanks to Trojan Man's efforts.

Here is the shortened version of Rodriguez's post board-meeting happy feet ...

And yes, the school board danced too.

And if you think Mr. Rodriguez dancing was something, wait until you see this school board cut the rug....

Now that you can't get that image out of your heads, here are the Tweets.

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