Saturday, September 3, 2016

Next PottsTOWN Talk to Focus on Economy

Emanuel Wilkerson
Pottstown School Board member Emanuel Wilkerson will host his second community meeting of his Pottstown Talks series on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

This talk will focus around economic development and community engagement.

The meeting will take place at Connections on High Café, 238 E High St., starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

There will be presentation by local economic development authorities and local realtors on how can the community get involved with the redevelopment of Pottstown, along with same small group brainstorming sessions.

“I’m excited to bring the community back together for our second PottsTOWN Talks, so we can brainstorm together on ways to help our local economic development authorities rebuild our town as a united Pottstown," Wilkerson said in a press release.
Discussion at the
last meeting

"I want to urge the community to grow this coalition for the future of Pottstown by coming, sharing and bringing a friend,” he said.

Wilkerson held his first PottstownTOWN Talk on Aug. 1 and it attracted nearly 100 people.

There, a crowd beyond the usual suspects who show up to such meetings reviewed the oft-made complaints about the town, but also talked about what makes Pottstown great and engaged in discussion about solutions as well.

This next meeting is designed, Wilkerson said, to focus that discussion on the subject of economic development and to put the enthusiasm generated at the last meeting to work in focus groups exploring specific actions.

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