Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Most Skip Joint Council/School Board Meeting

Dear Reader,

I know you envy me, because I am privileged to attend civic meetings night after night, where the weighty questions of the day are debated among the mighty.

"How do you live with the excitement?" I am often asked.

Well, I'll tell you, it's not easy and its taken its toll on my fragile health, but I soldier on for you, dear reader.

One borough council meeting, or school board meeting is doubtless enough to satisfy the thirst for adventure among even the most concerned of citizens.

So I say now to you, imagine if you will the sheer awesome magnificence, the unbridled power, the unprecedented conviviality of two such meetings, or, more intimidating yet, two such boards meeting -- wait for it -- at the same time in the same place.

Together ...

It's almost too much for even a wizened veteran such as myself to contemplate, but contemplate it I had to for Tuesday night, the harmonic convergence happened.

The two Titans of Pottstown's governance prepared to meet together in the same room, and let me tell you, the entire borough was crackling with anticipation.

Ummm, yup. That's just about everybody who was there.
Parents were taking their children off the street, shopkeepers closing storm-shutters, emergency workers stocking up on duct tape. It was pandemonium out there.

Indeed, so intense was the potential for excitement and challenge; so massive was the thrill; so intimidating the agenda, that the majority of both boards must have fainted clean away under the pressure before it had even begun.

Alas, homebound as they were by this apparent attack of the vapors, the majority of both boards, with great regret no doubt, left it to three brave and intrepid comrades from each team to dare the impossible.

But, as it turns out, they need not have worried.

The meeting turned out to be less than an hour,

No decisions were made, no weighty issues wrestled to the ground and everyone agreed that everyone else was doing a simply splendid job.

Despite the hype, it was little more than a pleasant and deliciously brief review of several things everybody already knew about, accompanied by some light refreshment.

See for yourself ...

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