Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Changes Coming to Busy Route 100 Intersection

Photo by Evan Brandt

The renovation of this commercial building into a retail "Mattress Factory" is just one of the changes coming to the intersection of Route 100 and Upland Square.

Changes, some small and some not so small, are coming to one of the region's busiest intersections -- Route 100 and Upland Square.

Probably the most notable change is pictured above, the pending conversion and renovation of an existing plumbing warehouse to a retail "Mattress Warehouse."

The developers, Catalyst Commercial Development, were in front of the township commissioners Monday night to explain their request for a variance to allow a bigger sign than the law allows.

They received the full-throated support of the board, although the final decision rests with the township's zoning hearing board.

Another, much smaller change is a change in the traffic light, so small most of you won't notice it.

What you will notice is what's driving it, no put intended -- the planned development of property in West Pottsgrove that is opposite of the traffic light at the main entrance to Upland Square shopping center, a parcel west of the new Citadel Bank.

That's the one where a European discount grocery store, Lidl, is planned.

The other change that might have come -- slower truck traffic between that intersection and the Route 100 intersection with State Street to the north -- died a quick death Monday night.

Township Manager Carol Lewis said she is regularly contacted by three Farmington Avenue residents who complain about the sound of "jake brakes," the special retarder brakes large trucks use to slow down on hills.

Miller said she was informed that if the township asks, PennDOT will conduct a speed study to see if a restriction is warranted.

But the commissioners decided such a study would be a waste of state taxpayer money and would do nothing to improve the situation and voted against it.

To learn more, read the Tweets from the meeting.

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