Friday, September 30, 2016

A Pep Rally With a Twist(Challenge)

Photos by Evan Brandt
Senior athletes and musicians were recognized Thursday during the Pottstown High School pep rally.

Thursday was not your grandfather's pep rally at Pottstown High School.

Not only was there the usual raft of music, games like musical chairs and tug of war, there was also an effort to help fight childhood cancer.

Both sides of a human Battleship match-up.
Part of the #TwistChallenge being promoted by @MascotsForaCure, the idea is to dance t the Chubby Checker classic for 36 seconds, signifying the number of children who are diagnosed with cancer each day.
You can't have a pep rally without cheerleaders.

This may well be the first time an entire high school has undertaken the challenge. Already in
Pottstown, the school board and acting superintendent Stephen Rodriguez have done it, along with a dozen other staff members and students.

Its a demonstration of the Trojan spirit that even in the midst of celebrating themselves, they can take the time to recognize and address the troubles of others.

Well done Trojans.

Don't forget to come to homecoming versus Pottsgrove on Saturday, at 2:30 p.m. at Grigg Memorial Stadium.

Here is a little video sampling of what went on:

For even more, check out the Tweets below:

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